MarkeVirginia Slims Zigaretten
Virginia Slims Zigaretten

Virginia Slims was first introduced to the public in year 1968 as a special cigarette brand for women. To give the cigarettes a more elegant appeal they were made longer and narrower than ordinary tobacco products. Virginia Slims are 23mm in circumference and have an average length of 100 – 120 mm. Even the packaging was designed by Walter Landor to highlight the femininity and subtileness of the items.

A famous slogan of Virginia Slims cigarettes used to state "You've come a long way, baby". The advertisement banner portrayed an elegant, slim woman smoking a cigarette and in contrast to that an image of a woman hanging laundry on a clothesline. The ad meant to show the "long way" that women made from being prohibitted to smoke by their husbands and allowed "one day per week out of the house" to being slimmer, independent and able to smoke in public. The slogan was printed in women's magazines, on banners and on broadcasted on television. Famous fashion models were smoking Virginia Slims on various ads.

Virginia Slims are manufactured and marketed by Altria Group (previously Phillip Morris). From the very beginning they were cigarettes designed for the female audience of 18-35 considered fashionable and a symbol of femininity, independence, elegance and glamour. Other famous slogans used to promote the products were "It's a woman's thing" as well as "Find your voice".

The brand had a steady increase on the market since its inception. It was all due to the fact that it was widely promoted and had come in a time when women were gaining more rights. The introduction of new sub-brands such as Ultralights and Menthol helped increase Virginia Slims' marketshare by year 1989. Since 2003, however, the cigarettes keep losing ground and sales decrease by about 1% per year. This is all due to the fact that the brand is no longer heavily promoted as it used to be in the past. One thing that the Virginia Slims certainly doesn't lack is brand loyalty, which is one of the highest in the industry.