BrandMagna Cigarettes
Magna Cigarettes

Magna is a cheaper brand of cigarettes marketed mainly in the United States of America. It comes only in two selections: Magna Red and Magna Blue. The Magna Red cigarettes differ from the Blue ones by having more tar and stronger taste.

The Magna brand belongs and is being currently marketed by Japan Tobacco International. The company has a long history being funded in 1898, in Japan. Besides cheaper brands like Magna, Japan Tobacco International also sells such first class cigarette brands like Salem, Camel and Winston to smokers outside of the United States of America. In addition to the tobacco business Japan Tobacco also operates in areas such as pharmaceuticals, foods, real estate and engineering. The company controls over 66.4% of the tobacco business of the country and is among the biggest tobacco companies in the world.

Magna was designed for people who prefer a stronger taste of tobacco. Although it is made of high quality products and additives, the price of the cigarettes is lower than the average market price on other tobacco products. Its strong tobacco flavour makes it a special treat, which is only enjoyed by smokers who appreciate the taste, smell and flavour of real strong tobacco.