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Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall is another well-known American cigarettes brand that was born in 1899. The founder of the brand was the company Butler & Butler. Pall Mall were designed for the upper class as premium cigarettes. The name comes from the name of a famous street in London, Great Britain.

Soon Butler&Butler was sold to American Tobacco Company, which became the new owner of the brand in 1907. They used Pall Mall for testing their innovations like the king-size, which later became a standard for 85mm cigarettes and other stuffing methods meant to improve products. In 1960 Pall Malls oficially became the number one cigarettes brand in the United States of America. Since the experiments in design and flavour had shown good results, a longer version of the Pall Mall cigarettes was introduced to the public. The 100 mm cigarettes have set up another standard this time for longer cigarettes. In 1966, however, Pall Mall was dethroned by Winston cigarettes.

Currently Pall Mall is produced by RJ Reynolds Tobacco (since 2004) on the territory of the United States of America, while British Tobbacco is respobsible for the manufacture and marketing of the brand outside of US.

The logo of the brand states has two royal lions on it, a knight's shield with a helmet on top, between them. The text on the shield says "Per aspera ad astra" which is Latin for "Through the thornes to the stars". There is another Latin inscription under the main logo stating "In hoc signo vinces" which may be translated as "By this sign you shall conquer". This was told to Contantine by God in his dream, before a famous battle in which his troops were consderably outnumbered, He was instructed to put a cross on the shields of his man in order to win the battle.

There are a few famous slogans that used to represant the brand. One of them famous in the 50's and 60's was "Outstanding...and they are mild!". Another slogan you could have heard about is "Wherever Particular People Congregate".

After 2007 all Pall Mall packs have been redesigned and the sub-brands renamed due to the banning of such words as "Mild" and "Light". The name of the sub-brands started mathing the color of the packs, for instance Pall Mall Amber (that comes in an amber pack).