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Parliament Cigarettes

Parliament is a cigarette brand produced and marketed by Phillip Morris beginning with year 1931. The brand is mostly known for its recessed paper filter that the company claims prevents tar from getting in contact with the smoker's mouth and is more environmentally friendly. Two of the well known slogans of the brand make an emphasis on its original filter: "Tobacco tastes best when the filter's recessed' and "Only the flavour touches your lips". The brand has good sales in such countries as Ukraine, USA, Saudi Arabia etc.

Although Parliament represents only 1.7% of the Phillip Morris sales, compared to the company's bestseller – Marlboro (41.1%), it is a very popular brand among smokers in their 20's, especially in Russia.

The Parliament cigarettes have several nicknames. Light flavors go under the nickname P-Lights while the full flavours are being called P-Funks. Both names come from the name of a famous funk bank Parliament Funkadelic or in short P-Funks. Among other famous nicknames of Parliament are Parlies and Parlie Lights.

Currently different types of Parliament flavours are named by the color of the packs (like in the case of many other cigarettes brands since year 2007 when certain words were prohibitted from being used when naming cigarettes sub-brands). If you want to taste the recessed paper filter cigarettes that Parliament has to offer then make sure to browse through our store: