MarqueVogue Cigarettes
Vogue Cigarettes

As the name states, Vogue cigarettes were designed as a fashionable brand for women. The packages of the cigarettes are all in pastel colors which makes it obvious that this product is targeted mainly at the female smokers.

The brand was born in 1932 and has undergone various changes and innovations ever since. Vogue currently belongs to British American Tobacco after the absorbtion of Rothmans International in 1999. British American Tobacco has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom and is the second largest Tobacco company in the world.

Vogue cigarettes come in several varieties such as lights, regular and menthol. They are sold in both super slim (which is aproximately 10mm ling and much thinner than the standard cigarette size) and king size.

Some say that the best part of a Vogue cigarettes is its filter. In gives the smokers pleasure and a feeling of freshness while inhaling. In addition to this the refined aroma and the sweet smelling tobacco make offers the smokers a clean smoking pleasure. The products are made of the highest quality tobacco.

The unique look of the cigarettes, noticeable aroma and taste, the distinctive design of the packs all make Vogue cigarettes the number one brand among women. They symbolize good taste, elegance, refinement and last but not least class.