About us

Our company operates on the Internet cigarette market for more than 7 years. During this time we gained a valuable experience in online Internet sales. We have developed an international logistics network to ensure fast and reliable delivery. So it is not a disadvantage to order cigarettes online today. On the contrary, our cigarettes are always fresh and delivered on time.

Due to favorable tax policy pursued in Eastern European and Asian countries where our cigarettes are made and relatively cheap labor cost, we have this opportunity to offer our customers reasonable prices for their favorite cigarette brands. Our customers don't have to spend a fortune on cigarettes anymore as our cigarette shop provides the adequate and affordable prices.

A lot of smokers in the Europe and Australia keep on complaining that fire safe cigarettes have cooper or metallic taste that completely spoils smoking process. Cigarettes we sell are not fire safe therefore they are free of any additives which make cigarettes fire safe.
However if you are not satisfied with the products you received or if by any chance your parcel got lost in transit, you can always be sure that we will immediately issue a full refund for the purchased merchandise. We can give you such guarantees as we sell high quality cigarettes so our customers are always happy with what they get. Hundreds of loyal customers are a main proof that we are doing a good job!