BrandWinston Cigarettes
Winston Cigarettes

Winston cigarette brand is one of the most popular brand all over the world. It got an important place on international tabacco market straightway the brand was introduced. This is mainly due to its incomparable flavour and elegant design. What makes these cigarettes distingtive is the carefully grown, selected and processed tobacco that provides a natural taste. The veritable fragrance of premium tobacco, unique taste, and special aroma are the main characteristics of these cigarettes.

The name "Winston" comes from Old Saxon Norse words "Wynn" meaning "good" or "beautiful" and "stonn" meaning "place" or "town". Therefore, while smoking Winston cigarettes you will feel like transpose in a magical place.

The slogan that represents Winston cigarettes is: "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should".

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company chose Winston cigarettes to represent its "face". What is essential to know is the fact that Winston cigarettes are safer to smoke because they don’t contain any additives.