BrandCamel Cigarettes
Camel Cigarettes

Camel cigarettes were launched by the American company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and since then became the company's major brand. They mostly contained an exotic blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco with a distinctive dark flavor which positioned the brand in the top-selling list only 4 years after the cigarettes were introduced to the audience. With the help of a little advertising, Camels became the best renowned cigarettes in the world.

The Camel brand has successively survived the WW II, its popularity growing even bigger after being supplied to the Alliance forces, and the multiple advertising campaigns determined the ultimate triumph of this brand on the market. Joe Camel alone would serve as a perfect example the symbol became a legend in American culture; there's hardly anyone in the USA who wouldn't recognize the mascot.

Attention was directed not only to the advertisements, R.J. Reynolds has been working constantly on the improvement of the product line. A vital emphasis was laid upon variety of flavors, so that besides the ordinary "full flavor" and "lights" Camels could astonish the smoker with a huge diversity of nuances. For example, "Camel Turkish Royal" were introduced in 2002 to appeal to the smokers who looked for a refined mellow taste, and in 2005 "Turkish Silver" joined the market as a lighter version of the "Golds". In 2008 changes were made in the pack design and filter color.