Shipping and Cancelations

If a customer wants to cancel his order, he can do that by informing our customer support agents about his wish by telephone or via e-mail within 24 hours after the order was placed. In this case we kindly ask to specify your name and order #. If you do not remember the order #, please provide us with your name and approximate date of order submission. The order will be immediately canceled as per your request.

Delivery Time

The average delivery time to the UK and EU regions is about 2-3 weeks. To other countries the average delivery time might be up to 3-5 weeks. In some rare occurrences your packages may be delayed in transit. In case you notice that the delivery deadline passed and you still do not have your full order, please get in touch with us, so we could help to solve the issue.

Shipping Price

The price of the delivery of 1 carton of cigarettes comprises 9.70 USD. Cigarettes are shipped as registered mail with confirmation of delivery. Therefore you need to sign upon the receipt of the parcel.

Region Delivery timeframe Average Delivery Time
UK 10-30 days 2-3 weeks
Europe 10-30 days 2-3 weeks
Australia & New Zealand 20-50 days 3-5 weeks