BrandBond Cigarettes
Bond Cigarettes

Bond cigarettes are commonly associated with good pack design, a competitive price and a pleasant, strong aroma.

Many people find a proximity between these cigarettes and the well known movie character James Bond, a symbol of smartness and grandeur. Just like James Bond, the history of Bond is strongly connected to England as well.

The Bond brand originated in Great Britain, the name of the cigarettes being derived from the Bond Street in London. At the beginning of the XX century Philip Morris was honored by King Albert of Belgium who presented Philip Morris' store with the title of Royal Tobacconist. Since then, both the naming of the brand (originally Old Bond Street) and the quality of cigarettes have undergone significant changes which, as a result, permitted them to root deeply into the world wide market.

Moreover, the process of re-branding spotted a version of a brand new flavor in an exclusive pack design which captivated many experienced smokers around the globe.

The attractiveness of Bond Street cigarettes lies in good quality combined with affordable price which allows the smokers to savor the finest taste of the cigarette at the lowest tar and nicotine concentration.

This is the reason why so many people make Bond cigarettes their number one choice.