BrandSobranie Cigarettes
Sobranie Cigarettes

Sobranie (from Russian: Собрание – gathering, meeting) is one of the oldest cigarettes brands in the world. It was established in Britain in 1879, when cigarettes were becoming a fashion trend. The original Sobranie tobacco products were handmade following Russian traditions and are still being made on the Old Bond Street in London. They were supplied to royalties in Romania, Greece, Spain and Great Britain. Currently countries that produce Sobranie cigarettes include Ukraine and Russia itself. The brand now belongs to Gallaher Group. The brand is one of the most expensive in Russia being compared to Dunhill.

Two premium brand varieties that are most popular and Sobranie Black Russian and Sobranie Cocktail. Cocktails are packed in a colorful yet pastel-shaded carton. Inside the box you willl find cigarettes colored in 5 different shades: purple, azure, yellow and two different shades of pink. The filter is golden giving the cigarettes even more aristocratic appeal. The Black Russian cigarettes are black as stated in the name. The filter is golden.

Sobranie cigarettes could be seen in scenes from various European and Russian movies. Thus for example you would see characters from 2009 British movies: A Single Man, set in 1961, The Dreamers set in 1968, An Education set in 1961. A character from the Russian movie The Night Watch is smoking Sobranie.

Sobranie are premium cigarettes meant for people with taste, class and sophistication.