MarkeChesterfield Zigaretten
Chesterfield Zigaretten

Chesterfield Cigarettes have been well known since 1873 both in USA and Europe. They are currently manufactured by Philip Morris Companies Inc., the largest tobacco company in the USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Altria Group Inc. in accordance to all the international tobacco product standards. Chesterfield brand was named for Chesterfield County, Virginia, USA.

Chesterfield Cigarettes gained their popularity in the USA particularly after they had been advertised by the talented actor and future USA president Ronald Reagan. The main features of Chesterfield Cigarettes is their mildness and no unpleasant after-taste. That is why they used: 'My cigarette is the MILD cigarette...that's why Chesterfield is my favorite', as the slogan for Ronald Reagan's advertisement.

Chesterfield Cigarettes provide great pleasure by their smooth mildness, sweet hint and rich flavor. Their incomparable blend is highly recommended by those who appreciate classic tobacco.

The pack of Chesterfield Cigarettes is beautifully designed and the price is fair and affordable. In April 2008, the established design of the Chesterfield pack has gone through particular changes: the three sides of the pack contain illustrations – description of the brand; lateral side of the pack points to association to a certain flavors by its color. Chesterfield Cigarettes have new names: Chesterfield Filter Cigarettes were changed to Chesterfield Classic Red; Chesterfield Lights Cigarettes are now called Chesterfield Classic Blue; in turn, Chesterfield Ultra Lights Cigarettes changed its name to Chesterfield Classic Bronze.

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