MarkeIQOS HeatSticks Zigaretten
IQOS HeatSticks Zigaretten

Vaping culture is developing every year, and this is facilitated by the needs of consumers. After all, they dictate the trends of vaping every day, improving and changing it.

HeatSticks is a tobacco electric heating system developed using the “Heat-Not-Burn. In principle, it would be wrong to call this concept absolutely new, since cigarette products with heated tobacco were originally distributed in the US market in the 1980s, but turned out to be not commercially successful. Currently, taking into account new technological possibilities and technical innovations, products with heated tobacco have received a second life and are positioned as an alternative for vapers who would like to replace traditional cigarettes with a less harmful way of using tobacco.

Structurally, the sticks resemble small filter-tipped cigarettes, but the tobacco inside is not cut into strips and chaotically packed into paper wrapper, but has a longitudinal direction and is laid in strips along the stick axis. Something like a loose cigar in a paper shell.

The advantage is that tobacco and paper around it do not burn in the stick. If tobacco burns in a cigarette at a temperature of about 800 degrees, then it is heated by a ceramic element to a temperature of 300 degrees. The moisture contained in tobacco begins to evaporate and, in fact, you draw in steam with tobacco flavor and, of course, nicotine. But the content of tar and harmful substances is reduced by 95-98%. That is, the harmful effect is practically negated; only pleasant sensations from the process of using it remain.

There are no side effects for others - everything is much better than when smoking cigarettes. There is a certain smell when using IQOS, of course, but it is rather a light aroma of fresh tobacco. There is no ash at all, as you understand, because tobacco does not burn. When buying this product, you get the possibility to vape indoors and in a car without any fear of residual odors. Order Heets and enhance your vaping experience!