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Dunhill Zigaretten

Dunhill cigarettes were firstly introduced in 1907 by Alfred Dunhill, the famous London cigar maker. He mostly focused on providing great tobacco quality products to those from the wealthy audience. Dunhill Tobacco House offered great variety of first class cigars and tobacco blends, including the individual recipes of purchasers. Currently, Dunhill cigarettes are the property of the British American Tobacco Company.

Dunhill cigarettes became world-famous due to their excellent quality, very pleasant flavor notes and the luxurious design. They are made of 100% Virginia sort tobacco with no additives and flavorings. They are positioned in “affordable super” market segment. They are absolutely worth paying a little extra. Dunhill cigarettes are ideal for any formal event. Dunhill cigarettes were highly favored by English rock musician John Lennon.

Dunhill cigarettes have mild, rich and tangible taste, which makes them purely enjoyable to smoke. They burn quite slow, which prolongs the pleasure. Dunhill smokers say that these cigarettes have no chemical aftertaste, moreover, they note that they enjoy chestnut and caramel sweet hint while smoking. Everybody enjoys their complex taste and the feeling of luxury.

The pure and recognizable taste of Dunhill cigarettes makes them the leader of the premium cigarettes category sales in Europe. The Dunhill's 100 years heritage combined with modern innovative technologies offer the smokers an exceptional experience of qualitative product without compromise.

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