MarkeMonte Carlo Zigaretten
Monte Carlo Zigaretten

Monte Carlo cigarettes are being globally marketed by Japan Tobacco International - a leading global tobacco product manufacturer with a total market share of about 10%. The company was founded in 1999, when the parent enterprise Japan Tobacco Inc purchased US RJ Reynolds' international tobacco operations for $7.8 billion. Nowadays JT International offices may be found in different corners of the world. The company is mainly responsible for marketing such brands as Camel, Winston, Glamour and of course Monte Carlo to countries outside of US .

Monte Carlo is known to be a sophisticaed brand of cigarettes as inmplied by its name, which comes from an administrative area in Monaco renowed for its wealth and luxury. The brand's flavour is appreciated by smokers with a refined taste. The cigarettes are successfully sold in ountries like Monaco, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Slovenia, Germany and United Arab Emirates.