MarkeDavidoff Zigaretten
Davidoff Zigaretten

Davidoff is a sophisticated brand known worldwide for its exclusively, powerful and elegant taste. The range of products including cigarettes, cigars and pipe tabacco are very fine as they come from famous plantations such as Brazil, Indonesia and Caribbean.

Cigarettes are available in the international market in variants: classic, mild, lights, ultra lights and menthol. For legal but still unclear reasons this brand was banned in the USA.

Their story begins in 1906 when Zino Davidoff, the businessman of the brand, was born is a Hebrew Ukrainian family. His family was renowned as an expert in selecting, cutting and mixing the best tabacco leaves from the Est. Persecuted in Russia, the family houses in Geneva, where his father Henri opened the first tabacco store.

At 19, Zino decides to dedicate his life to the tabacco industry and travels in Argentina, Brazil and Cuba in order to learn how to cultivate and produce tabacco. At that tine all his recipes are cutting-edge: he presents the first cigarette to keep tabacco flavor for longer and creates long cigar Grand Crus.

In 1970 Zino sells the business to Max Oettinger Group and the brand brings the global fame.

Brand philosophy and lifestyle statement is: "The Good Life"- the art of living in the rhythm that allows you to perceive with all senses of the pleasures of life.