MarkeL&M Zigaretten
L&M Zigaretten

The L&M brand was created in 1953 by the company named Liggett&Myers. These cigarettes were probably the earliest brand to have a filter that wasn't one-sided. The early motto of the company was American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter. Once the success of L&M cigarettes was solidified in the United States of America, the company decided to take the sales worldwide. Now the L&M's are succesfully marketed in many countries of the world, enjoying a great amount of sales in North and West Europe, Asia, Latin America as well as the Arab World.

At the time being L&M is produced by Altria Group, Inc the company previously known as Phillip Morris Companies, Inc. It holds the second place among other Phillip Morris brands and the third place in wolrdwide sales volume.

These cigarettes are also known to have a rich flavor and a smooth taste. L&M's come in different flavours and have various tobacco strength. Recently the products have been relabeled due to the banning in Europe of such words as "light" in the name of the cigarettes. Thus the brand that used to be called L&M lights now is known as L&M blue label. The same thing hapenend in the United States of America in 2010 when various words have been banned from being used in the name of the cigarettes.