MarkeEsse Zigaretten
Esse Zigaretten

Esse is a South Korean brand of slim and super slim cigarettes. The brand is owned by KT&G (Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corp), Paraguay. Not only does the company dominate the Korean market by having approximately 63% of its tobacco sales, 80% of the super slim market share and 40% in the king size cateogy it is also rapidly emerging on the global market selling one of the cheapest brands targeted to females. Esse cigarettes contain low and ultra-low tar as well as menthol, and are the bestseller of the KT&G company.

KT&G pays great attention to packaging meant to catch the eye of adult customers, that is why packs are innovated every year. In addition to this the company pays a lot of attention to advertisement and promotion, by releasing limited edition products on a regular basis.

Esse cigarettes gained quick popularity among female smokers in Eastern Europe after their introduction on this market. They are the third most wanted slim and super slim cigarette brand in such countries as Poland, Ukraine and Russia. The company claims to be selling cigarettes with a very low tar level, minimum nicotine and as little harmful additives as possible.

Currently KT&G is working on ellaborating the lowest tar level cigarettes (with 0.1mg compared to 10.0mg contained in the famous american Marlboro brand). They also introduced a revolutionary technology that keeps gaining more and more recognition – Less Smoke Smell or LLS.