MarkeLucky Strike Zigaretten
Lucky Strike Zigaretten

Probably one of the most well-known cigarettes' brand in the United States, Lucky Strike was first introduced to the smoking audience as chewing tobacco back in year 1891. The brand is perhaps most famous for all the slogans that it used ever since it appeared on the market and up to this day, its public event sponsorship and its hidden advertisements in songs, movies and public persona speeches.

The first slogan used by the American Tobacco Company to promote Lucky Strike was "It's Toasted". It was used to let people know that a special new technology was used to produce the cigarettes. Instead of being sun-dried like other tobacco products Lucky Strikes were toasted which supposedly gave them a stronger and better taste.

Another slogan used in the 1920's was targeted to attrach female audience. It used the common believe that smoking prevents weight gain and stated the following "Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet". Sales managed to increase considerably during this period.

During World War II the cigarettes's pack changed from green to white and the slogan became "Lucky Strike Green has gone to War". The company claimed that copper needed for the green color was used during World War II.

Tastes kept being diversified and improved while Lucky Strikes sponsored various public events that kept the audience's attention triggered on the brand. Lucky Strike Green were introduced to the smoking public in 1960's and this time the word "green" was used to describe it's mentholate taste.

You can probably remember Lucky Strikes packs and cigarettes in various movies and tv shows. In addition to this the cigarettes were referred to in songs lyrics. That is probably the reason why Lucky Strikes tend to be a symbol of the United States of America, competing with cigarettes like Camel and Marlboro.